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I am Mr. Ruchit Kumar Regmi, Individual Sole Proprietor of Ruchit Innovations Private Limited has already registered my company “Ruchit Innovations Private Limited” in CCR (Central Contractor Registration), in ‘Online Representation and Certification (ORCA) of SAM (System for Award Management) of US Federal Government is active .My company Ruchit Innovations Private Limited is also the supplier of Airbus Group/EADS through ePROC(Strategic Procurement) of Airbus Group/EADS, Diversity Supplier of The Boeing Company, Potential supplier of Lockheed Martin Company and Potential supplier of Intel.

My company (Ruchit Innovations) is also active on Source Pass in MAG of EXOSTAR.

On April 22, 2014 USPTO(United States Patent and Trademark Office) granted patent for my invention ‘Pilotless Aircraft for Commercial and Military use’ which is also known as Autonomous Aircraft/Automated aircraft.The same invention has been patented in Nepal too.From title of my Invention ‘ Pilotless Aircraft for commercial and military use, formerly known as “Aircraft Without Pilot(For Commercial and Military Use)”;after the production of this type of aircraft :Aircraft accidents due to human errors(which is the major causes of aircraft accidents) can be controlled, likewise aircraft hijackings ,terrorists attacks like 09/11 can also be controlled. Then the air transport will be even safer than that of today because the major causes of aircraft accidents can be almost zero. However before and after landings and take offs ,and also for en route flight path which will have to be facilitated with technically sound systems with standard quality and facilities .For the purposes,  aircraft’s airworthiness( and technical sound Airports, and its quality and standards) shall be  made sound from the co-ordination and co-operation with ICAO,FAA, IATA etc.

My aircraft can do all the jobs and services which are being done by the present aircraft; however, it does not need Pilot to fly in the designated/destined airports that means it neither needs virtual pilot nor onboard pilot to fly the aircraft rather it needs airworthy aircraft and airports(ports) .

Quality and facilities of airport (port) and its standard should be sound .More the essential number of national and international airports for the aircraft available, the number of emergency landings can be safely handled and the global business of the products can also be increased.

The aircraft can be used in both Fields: CIVIL and MILITARY. As a civil aircraft it can be used in passenger, cargo and other business and service flights ,and the Military aircraft can be used in almost military purposes just also doing by the present aircraft .US and Nepal patented this invention is Pilotless aircraft;however,it can be used in piloted aircraft too. Claim number from 6 to 9 of this invention can be used in piloted aircraft on which very minimum activities of pilot intervention are applied as an optionally piloted aircraft.The ideas of this invention can be used in fuelled power plant and also in electrically operated power plant. Similarly the ideas of this invention can also be used in VTOL, Rotary wing and fixed winged aircraft too.
The ideas of automated Traffic Collision Avoiding Systems(TCAS) can also be used in Obstacle avoiding systems(Sense and Avoiding Systems).The ideas of this invention can be utilised in the aircraft of different speeds,sizes,weight, types etc and all the parameters of the aircraft depend on according to the size,speed,weight, type,models etc of the aircraft.

The ideas of this invention can also be used as air taxi,as personal aircraft, as other civil and military aircraft.

The aircraft can hold almost market share of present aircraft, and also can enlarge its market share; therefore, the amount spent in the development and manufacturing the aircraft will be very less in compare to its potential business volumes and its importance.

Similarly after the production from exploiting my next invention “Computer Operated by thought and emotions which can also be known as Computer-Based Mind Reading Device” total global business may exceed US$100.00 Billion. Information, communication, computing, investigation and psychological fields will be revolutionised. Hidden thought and planning of criminals, terrorists can be known by using the product of Computer-Based Mind Reading Device which can be used in investigation purposes as a result crimes, terrorism can be controlled effectively. The  field of my product made from my invention ‘Computer Operated by thought and emotions which can also be known as Computer-Based Mind Reading Device’ can be used as:(I)PC ,General computer application such as Game,(II) In Investigation Purposes(III)In Psychology(IV)In Neuropsychiatry and(V)In Neurology. The Concepts/ Ideas of my invention ‘ Computer-Based Mind Reading Device’ can be applied in Computer, Cell phones, Gadgets, smart phones, Smart TV etc and as an input device which will sense the electrical signal generated in the brain according to the thought and emotions of the user and vice versa.


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